Rob Sinclair

Hi Mark, I bought a tandem trailer from you late last year, very happy with it. Has had some heavy loads with feed for cattle and has handled it well. Aussie made! only way to go.

Blake Sauer

Thanks mate, great solid affordable trailer looking forward to the big adventure ahead of me🍻🍻

Dan Bowman

Trailer came up awesome Mark, thanks mate tows really well and very happy with the quality of build!! The next one I order later in the year will be 10×6 for my welder trailer but this one is perfect how it is as I tow it through goat tracks on the mine so it...

Russ Charles

Thanks Mark for all of your help. The trailer is a cracker and our little boat fits perfectly. I swapped the roller racks around and that gave me the extra width I was looking for. A little bit of fiddling with the heights of the spare tyre and winch allowed for a...

Timothy Thorpe

Just wanted to update you on the car trailer I got from you. Finally getting some use out of it! It’s absolutely amazing as really solid, took it off road to collect a burnt out car and it got bounced and knocked hard on some rock steps and all I did was bend...